NuHart: Public Comment Period Open through August 23, 2022

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is inviting public comment on proposed actions to address the Former NuHart East site (#C224287) within New York’s Brownfield Cleanup Program. Originally open through July 23, the public comment period has now been extended through August 23, 2022.

A summary of proposed work is available in three languages: EnglishEspañolPolish. The full text of the Remedial Action Workplan upon which the summaries are based is available in English for comment here. A recording of the public meeting which outlined some key parts of the proposal is available for viewing here.  All public comments can be sent to Bryan Wong, Project Manager at DEC at Public comments may influence the work plan, and it is only after the public comment period ends and the workplan is approved that excavation work can begin.

North Brooklyn Neighbors has prepared comments on behalf of the community, below.


We urge all neighbors to submit their own comments. A few highlights from our comments include:

  1. Demanding that the plan use the most recent information when discussing flood risk rather than relying on outdated maps as it does currently.
  2. Clarification of contradictory language to ensure that absolutely no soil is to be tracked offsite.
  3. A request that all environmental health monitoring information be made available to the public on a daily basis.
  4. Strong suggestions to limit the impact of truck traffic on the surrounding neighborhood, such as by limiting idling time.
  5. Additional protective measures undertaken to ensure that contamination from the Superfund portion of the site not leak into the brownfield site after remediation is completed.