Air Quality

Clean Buses for Healthy Niños

Environmental Justice & Health

In New York City, more than 10,000 school buses provide transportation for almost 150,000 students, the majority of whom have disabilities. However, many of these buses are old and spew noxious fumes. Students, drivers, and bus attendants riding these buses breathe this air. School buses also idle outside of schools, polluting the air for all children, teachers, workers, and nearby community members and contributing to asthma rates.

An intervention at the school bus level would have an outsized impact on the health of our community. That’s why North Brooklyn Neighbors advocates for zero-emissions school buses for New York City. Working with local schools and parents, in 2019 North Brooklyn Neighbors organized a community-wide postcard campaign calling on state officials to bring electric buses to our community. We support the current proposal before the City Council which would require that all school buses become electric, zero emission school buses in the near future.