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Good Neighbor Initiative

Land Use & Public Space

The Good Neighbor Initiative aims to foster communication and cooperation between construction or development projects and the surrounding community. By proactively engaging in dialogue and setting expectations, the community and developers can work to ensure that construction or demolition projects are efficient and minimize disruption to the everyday life of nearby residents. 

Concerned community members are invited to use the template letter as it applies to the construction site they are concerned about. The letter is a guide – feel free to modify it in order to make this template work for a particular situation and present it to the site manager.


Download template letter.

Once terms are agreed upon, please forward a signed copy of the letter to and complete this form. Please remember to add to the site’s mailing list.

We look forward to continuing to work towards open and transparent dialogue and towards avoiding conflict for all who live and work in the neighborhood.


29 West Street
Developer: Halcyon Management
Community Group: West Street Block Association


1 Java Street
Developer: Lendlease
Community Group: West Street Block Association


30 Kent Street
Developer: Greenpoint Partners (BNS Real Estate & Wonder Works)