Message from the Executive Director

Dear Neighbors,

I am writing today to announce that I am transitioning from my position as executive director of North Brooklyn Neighbors, to embark on a new professional chapter. My last day at NBN will be Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

When I joined NAG as executive director in 2018, I was excited (and a little bit nervous) about what was in front of me. I was tasked with helping to steer a beloved community organization through a merger, to hire new staff, build and grow our programs, and more. Within a few months, we’d grown our team, launched new programs and initiatives, and had a new name – North Brooklyn Neighbors.

Since then, we’ve continued to be an environmental watchdog by a keeping a close eye on local toxic sites and legacy toxins. We’ve also found ways to expand that work to include real-time air monitoring, collecting and sampling ambient air, advocating for climate resiliency, better understanding how the local environment impacts our health, and thinking of creative ways to reduce waste.

I’m thrilled that we’ve developed more initiatives in other areas like land use, public space, transportation, and infrastructure. Resources like the ELI mapping project, Good Neighbor Initiative, and various public comment fact sheets were designed to help community members lead on issues that they care about.

Through coalition we fought to bring back curbside composting, prioritized our public spaces, limited the impact of the L train shutdown, got a law passed requiring electric school buses, worked to improve our Census headcount, and supported partners and community members during the pandemic.

Our role as a community advocate has included difficult, yet essential, conversations that demanded greater public input and transparency from officials. I’m so proud of the work we’re doing to not only advance community needs but also facilitate dialogue and ensure information could be more easily understood.

I’m grateful to have done such good work with folks who care so deeply about their community – its past, present, and future. To the staff, volunteers, board members, and community members that I’ve worked with or encountered, thank you for allowing me to shepherd this part of the organization’s journey. I look forward to supporting the work that’s to come.

I will forever be honored by this opportunity to lead and to work with each of you to create a more just, healthy, and safe place to live and work. Thank you again and I won’t be a stranger.

All the best,