Composting to go Citywide!

On February 1, 2023 the details of a plan emerged from the Mayor that outlined a plan whereby every resident of New York City would have access to curbside composting by the end of 2024. North Brooklyn Neighbors has long advocated as a part of the Save Our Compost Coalition for citywide curbside service and are hopeful that this time, the city will follow through on its promise.

This news is very welcome, but NBN wants to ensure that all organic material collected is responsibly processed. We support local community composting efforts and believe these programs should be a critical part of our local infrastructure. We also remain concerned about the flaring of methane gas from the collection of organic material going to the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. But this announcement is a big step in the right direction.

From the city:

“Unlike past composting programs, there will be no sign-up required for this new program. Residents will simply set out anything from their kitchen or their garden in a separate bin on their recycling day and DSNY will pick up those materials to turn them into usable compost or clean, renewable energy. While DSNY will make its own Brown Bins available, this program also includes the flexibility for New Yorkers to use ANY bin of 55 gallons or less with a secure lid.”

Service begins March 27, 2023 in all of Queens; October 2, 2023 in all of Brooklyn; March 25, 2024 in all of Staten Island and the Bronx; and October 7, 2024 in all of Manhattan.

For those not wanting to wait until October, Community District 1 in Brooklyn is one of the few areas that currently has opt-in service, meaning you can sign up to get on a collection route and begin receiving service.