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Reusable Takeout Container Pilot



NAG, in partnership with Common Ground Compost, launched a pilot reusable takeout container program working with Anella and Toro Ironworks Restaurants


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Beginning December 8, 2016, Toro Ironwork’s and Anella customers could  choose reusable takeout containers instead of disposable for their food, at no extra cost. 


How does it work?

Anella and Toro Ironwork’s participated in this pilot program to test the feasibility of a wider-ranging program that reduces waste across the restaurant sector by incorporating more reusable containerss into the materials stream.  In many cases, neighborhood residents order from the same restaurants, and end up throwing away one-time-use containers after every meal. This pilot introduced the opportunity for repeat customers to choose a reusable container option.

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The customer received a meal in a reusable container, and at their convenience, personally returned the container to the restaurant. The containers were washed in Anella and Toro Ironworks dishwashers (following Department of Health standards), and the cycle begins again.




Does ALL the food come in reusable containers?

No, soup, and some sauce containers and smaller items will still be packed in disposable containers

How much does it cost to participate? 

FREE. This is a Greenpoint Community Environmental Funded grant.

When can I return the container?

As soon as you are done and it’s convenient for you to drop the container off at either Toro Ironworks (254 Driggs ave) or Anella (222 Franklin St)

Can I keep the container?

No. Please return the container after using it, so we can keep cycling it through the process.

What if the container breaks?

Please return broken containers so we can assess the damage and provide feedback to the manufacturer

Do I need to wash the container?

We request that you rinse the container to remove all food particles but the container will be washed according to Dept of Health regulations back at the restaurant before reuse.

How many times can one container be reused?

Approx. 360 times or until visible damage appears.

What are the container made of?

Container Features –

  • 100% BPA Free

  • Commercial Dishwasher Safe

  • Highly Durable Polypropylene

  • Microwave Safe for Re-Heating

  • Leak-Resistant Designs

  • Stackable

  • Customizable

  • Reusable & Recyclable (#5)

  • The material is NSF approved and the models EC-05, 06, 09, 11 through 24  are all NSF approved designs.


Are other places testing this idea?

YES check them out!
Colleges and universities
and many more…

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commongrndcompostfinal-squaregcefFunding provided by the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.