NBN Comments on NYNJHAT Study Draft Report

The US Army Corps of Engineers produced a report for public review with a tentatively selected plan to manage future flood risk in the New York/New Jersey Harbor region. To inform the community, NBN co-hosted an event with a presentation by the Army Corps on the plan and gave the public an opportunity to hear from community groups and elected officials.

NBN is concerned about the lack of details relevant to North Brooklyn that this report provides and we formally submitted comments to the Army Corps of Engineers outlining some of our concerns. In particular, we focused our comments a few key areas: the limited set of options that were considered, especially the role that green infrastructure could provide; the need to protect waterfront communities from flooding more generally; the justice implications of protecting certain areas and increasing vulnerability in others; the unique challenges soil and groundwater contamination pose during flooding events; and the importance of public outreach and communication.

Please see the full text of the comments below.