Air Quality

Neighborhood Air Monitoring Initiative

Environmental Justice & Health

North Brooklyn, particularly Williamsburg, has historically had some of the highest asthma rates in New York City. As a waste transfer hub, with the Brooklyn Queens Expressway running through the heart of the neighborhood and with a large industrial business zone, North Brooklyn has long battled air pollution. Greenpoint and Williamsburg currently have more active construction permits than any other area of Brooklyn. This construction has brought additional truck traffic and dust to the area.

We’re creating a network of air quality monitors giving real-time information to the public. By tracking the particulate matter throughout the neighborhood, we will learn more about threats to our community health and with this data we can act to improve the air that we all breathe.

Residents from all over the neighborhood have volunteered to host real-time sensors provided by NBN. By making this information available to the public, residents can check the air quality in their part of the neighborhood at any time. But collecting data is only the first step. Over time we hope to track which parts of the neighborhood have poorer air quality and use this information to mobilize and take steps to reduce location specific pollution.

Current monitors (listed approximately from north to south):
Greenpoint Ave. & West St.
Oak St. & West St.
Norman Ave. & Russell St.
Nassau Ave. & Guernsey St.
Driggs Ave. & Monitor St.
North 5th St. & Havemeyer St.
Metropolitan Ave. & Olive St.
South 4th St. & Hooper St.
McKibbin St. & Bushwick Ave.

If you are interested in hosting an air monitor, please contact us. We are particularly looking for hosts in East Williamsburg.