Mapping Toxicity


The Greenpoint-Williamsburg ToxiCity Map is an interactive map of toxic “hot spots” in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Visit the map to explore its features and get a sense for the neighbor’s toxic legacy.

Data used to compile this map came from city, state and federal sources, guided by on-the-ground knowledge from local activists. Users can click through the data layers to better understand neighborhood trends such as population density and asthma hospital visits, and locate specific sites such as the former NuHart Plastics factory and the Exxon oil spill. Sites that have already been remediated and sites that require future remediation are included on this map.

This project was designed to community members gain a better grasp of the environmental concerns in the area and, ultimately, to improve the health and well-being of residents. We hope by using the map community members are motivated and empowered to fully participate in local governing and policymaking process.